Thursday, May 30, 2013

Open Studio Weekend - Part 2

Day 2 - the sun was out & the day started with Bil buzzing the property in his Tiger Moth.  Look REALLY closely at the dot in the middle of the photo - that's the plane!

Here's where we were for the weekend.

Oh dear - all over packing to go back home.  Months of planning & over so quickly - but what a weekend!!

Join us in 2014 for our next Open Studio stint.  Check Ali's blog and of course, Mel's blog for more photos & stories of the weekend.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Open Studio Weekend Part 1

Last weekend was the Open Studios weekend for Boonah, Aratula & Tarome in the Scenic Rim area.  AliQuilts hosted one such studio.  We began the set-up on Friday during rain (oh, there were a couple of long faces for a while - not knowing if this weather would continue throughout the weekend!)

Ali's garage was slowly turned in to the "Garage Gallery" featuring a SAQA quilt exhibition & textile pieces from Ali George, Mel Forrest & myself.

Postcards received from IUOMA members were also on display. 
The workshop.

Another view of the workshop.

Part of the Garage Gallery display. 
Ali demonstrating & Hilary soaking up the knowledge.

Al's husband, Chris, supplied the suasage sizzle, Jen & Sue kept us going with coffee & Ian & Dick supplied the moral support necessary.

The weather did not disappoint us & guests took the opportunity to sit out under blue skies & warm sun.

The view from the Gallery.

The moon even provided us with a show from Ali's verandah as we sat to enjoy an well-earned drink.Ever seen a halo over the moon?   So endeth Day 1.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Exhibition...

This exhibition is at Redland Museum, 60 Smith Street, Cleveland for the month of May & is so worth a visit.  While you are enjoying the exhibits - your husband will throoughly enjoy visiting the museum for an hour or 2.

Just a sample to whet you appetitie. - signature pieces for each of the artists.

Loved this one - thread painting - it was superb.

Another favourite - a book - it was just lovely.

So now you know what to do with sunglass lenses!???!!! I was fortunate enough to be there for the opening last Friday night & will hopefully get back during this month to have another look.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Aquaponics up & running!

HofM & No: 1 son did not end up coming to blows despite different opinions on the set-up.

To date - we have 110 Jade Perch fingerlings in this tank supplying nutrients (I hope) to the above tank that is now holding herbs, lettuce & other veggies.

This is a second set-up - no fish in this tank yet - so we have to add nutrients to the water. The netting is to keep the possums away from all our plants.

Two bathtubs hold lots of plants - everything is still looking healthy - so fingers crossed!

It's outside my shed - but I have always loved the sound of running water - so all is good.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA)

Give yourself a treat & look at this site I am so proud of my friends who have quilts in this auction. Mel  Sue Kate  - there are lots of talented artists featured.  We are fortunate to have the opening of an exhibition of some of these artists' pieces on 25th & 26th May at Ali's Studio as part of the Scenic Rim's Open Studios.  there are a lot of studios open during May - check out the rest of the Scenic Rim site for the studios.  Mel & I are also joining Ali at Tarome (Aratula area) as artists in residence for the weekend.  Visit us & other artists over the weeks of May. Sorry no photos but I'm sure you'll enjoy the links.