Friday, January 20, 2012

Outgoing - a Quilt this time!

As with a lot of quilts, there is a story attached to this one. Our neighbour's Mum & I struck up a friendship through our love of patchwork & quilting.  Sadly she passed away a couple of years ago & her husband asked if I could finished this quilt.  She had basted it & started hand quilting.  Like most of us, I am working on half a dozen projects at the one time, so it took me over a year to finish, but it is finished & ready to be returned - I do enjoy hand quilting & try to have some on the go for when the need to hand quilt touches me.


Received 2 pieces in one day - above is from Nadine (California) - how I admire those who can draw! Also received a little book from Jenny (New South Wales).  It's called  "A Dragon Tale"

It's a delightful tale & the drawings are wonderful! Thank you Nadine & Jenny for brightening my days!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This is part of my collection of owls - I stopped adding to it some years ago when space to display them became a bit of a problem.

This new one arrived at Christmas - thanks to my youngest & his fiancee - it is sitting in the pot that holds our orange tree.   He is the biggest owl I have.  Will create some mail art to send to another owl fancier overseas.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Safe and Sound

A trip to the police station and my handbag, purse etc are returned safe & sound.  Of course, the cash has been spent, and I have already replaced the credit cards, camera and driver's licence.  Now I have 2 cameras - maybe I'll show HofM how to use the other one - then, maybe not. As I was told, I was one of the lucky ones.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Before & After

After the water left - it was all so grey & unhealthy looking -

Twelve months on - who would know what had happened here.

We do & we have our own marker on a post under the house - hope we don't have to add to that - EVER.

Flood - 12 months on!

Our neighbour is not taking any chances - he has raised his house 2 meters!

Back yard is looking good. HofM says this bromeliad is his symbol of the flood - it survived & is better than ever - even has a pup now.

The ginger flowers are out.

Everything looks great.

Outgoing Mail Art

Another photo that left its mark after the Flood.

My muse visited me last week & inspired me to take another direction with the flood photos - am now collaging & trying to use my silly side as inspiration.  Wish my muse could sit beside me every day!

This was going to be an art quilt - it sat on my sewing table for nearly year & didn't inspire me further, so it got the chop & ended up as two pieces of Mail Art & are heading overseas to friends.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


First block of another project - how I admire those who can work on one project at a time - I think I have at least 10 different ones at different stages of their lives!  This will be a really RED quilt!

G Clamp - thought some of you who don't frequent hardware stores may not know what I was talking about.  One part moves up & down to allow it to fit to any size that needs to be clamped.

Nobby - R & R

Our accommodation at Rudd's Pub, Nobby - food is always good - country servings! Room was lovely.

Street art in Pittsworth - we helped the economy there by buying at Wayne's World.  Love that shop.  Got G clamps to hold my quilts to the table while basting.  They work too - have already basted one quilt.

Golf at Toowoomba for HofM - I dutifully drove the cart - the courses are beautifully landscaped.

We drove there & back via Heifer Creek - a lovely drive through Ma Ma Creek township.

The water melon is very sweet - even more so - buying direct from the farmer.