Monday, October 31, 2011

Something is really wrong!

 Something went wrong on the weekend, I started cleaning & throwing out - help! what does one do with all those trophies HofM has won over the years.  We (yes, WE) decided to keep the current decade's trophies & consign the others to rubbish.  I'll probably put them out on the kerb to see if anyone thinks they are treasure & takes them.  Don't laugh - it worked with the old port pottery jugs I put out - 5 of them disappeared.
This is for everyone who thought I wasn't a sportswoman!!!!  See, in 1980 I scored my highest tenpin bowling score of 203 - am keeping this one to brag about my sporting prowess. This was before my knee went. This memory will go along with my highest sporting achievement in High School - reserve on the D team for basketball (a game played by ladies in the 1960's - now adapted & called netball!).  This game was played on a grass court, outside - mind, I don't think I ever actually played a game.......................

Friday, October 28, 2011

Update - WIP

Think this is Block No: 9 on my Aussie Antique Quilt - only 11 more to go! Have had a thought this morning - blogging can become addictive!  It's almost a must to start my day but maye it's also that I now have work to share with you - am certainly enjoying the return to my craft and atually accomplishing something.
SuZanne, thanks for your hugs. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

MailArt going out

Felt a bit low these last couple of days, however, a session in HerShed & these 2 pieces were produced. The original was from the book Edith Holden's "The Nature Notes of An Edwardian Lady"  . Such beautiful water colours.  Mood was a little better after finishing these.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


From Jenny in Sydney - can you see the word "Imagination"? Not sure how she did that -it's a great piece.

There you go......

Here's the ribbon! This is the second prize I have won.  My first was second prize - oooops, maybe I've peaked now & am going downhill!  Nah - different sections - more mountains to climb.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Queensland Quilters Annual Show

What a surprise - I won Third Prize for this little quilt in the the Predominantly Pieced, Amateur, Section.  I loved doing this quilt - the pattern was frrom an Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine - although I changed the background blocks to use up some gingham I have had in the cupboard forever and then raided the stash for the applique petals & took them overseas to have some easy handwork to do. It just never entered my head that "Petals on Ginham" could win a prize. Check out other prize winners at

Here is my "Daughter of the Forest" entrant - she was up against some really hot competition - she survived the January floods and I have no doubt she'll survive & have more stories to tell.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Bought the middle panel at a school fete - it's painted on to a canvas of sorts.  Am having fun - it will be a wall hanging when complete.  Think some applique will be added to it as well.

More of Mt Nebo

Funghi from the rain forest

Photos from the backyard of Mt Nebo - previous residents planted the garden & there seems to be something flowering all the time.

Night on Mt Nebo

HofM & I had a night up on the mountain with eldest son & his partner - we made pasta - a first for us.  The speckled pasta has basil in it.
Son cooked two different types of sauces to go with the pasta - both really delicious - ovbviously got his talent for cooking from his mother - NOT!

Visitors to the backyard in the early morning - paddy melons - a type of rock wallaby I was told.  The flash got their eyes - they're really not that evil looking.

Son made the chook house (with a little help from HofM) & hopefully by now it has a couple of residents.  We hope the other wildlife on the mountain don't fancy them for tucker (dinner for OS readers).

Photo from the flood - Jan 2011

This was our 'dirty' family after cleaning the first day after the waters disappeared.  Can't thank them ALL enough - they were wonderful.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Backyard Inspiration

Take a walk around your backyard & you'll be surprised at what treasures you have. HerShed has an addition. HofM framed the bull and added him to the wall.  Story behind the bull - it's a set of hand-painted tiles that came from our shop in New Farm (a suburb of Brisbane).  The shop was originally a butcher's shop in the 1930's - hence the bull motif - & when we refurbished the shop for sale, we asked the builder to save the tiles.  They were embedded in about an inch of concrete & chicken wire & fortunately they came off whole.  I like him.

Someone will know the proper name for this plant - I can only remember it as the "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" plant - the colours of each flower fade as they get older - that's right, isn't it?

The little mango tree has had lots of flowers & now has a few little fruit - question is, will they grow & survive.

One of our succulents - may see if I can make it into a quilt - there are some interesting lines - a source of inspiration.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless but she knows who she is!) has managed to get me to help some of the ladies in our Cottage groups to make a Sampler Quilt.  I am not a teacher but have come up with a plan for 12 x 12" blocks and these are the first three.  Simple 9-patch, simple 4-patch (Rail Fence) & what I am calling a complex 9-patch (a block called True Blue) - the others will have a choice of about 8 different blocks all based on a 9 patch.  Of course, I started without any colour/theme in mind, so it will be interesting to see how this quilt turns out.  Keep tuned.

Another block completed on my Aussie Antique quilt.             This is No: 8 - nearly halfway there - more circles. This quilt is also developing as I go.  There will be 10 with a floral-type background and 10 with a narrow striped background (didn't have enough of the floral for all 20 blocks)- again, don't know how this will be put together - I'll find out when all 20 blocks are complete. Each block will have some embroidery to complete it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

MailArt going out

Another piece of FloodArt - a bird appeared in the centre of this one.

This is a piece of GardenArt - I transferred two different photos of bamboo on to fabric & then machine embellished the fabric.  Cut them up and made new MailArt - it was interesting how murky the picutre became. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some happy news

Our youngest called by last week & shared the news of his engagement - he surprised his girlfriend (now fiancee) with the proposal and the ring.  Fortunately she was very happy with both & said "Yes"!  By-the way- HofM actually had a collapsing stent (one of the ones put in 3 1/2 years ago) & they quickly put another one in last Thursday night.  He came home on Friday - tired but without chest pains & back to his normal cheerful self.  However, the next couple of weeks will be trying - he is not allowed to drive & cannot play golf, so will be under my feet a lot more!!!

Retreats - Bliss!

The view from our Retreat venue just outside Boonah (south-east Queensland).

Heads down & working hard - ooops - left the Kahlua on my desk!  I did get a lot done.

Meal time - we self-cater, under the direction of the Retreat convenor, and it works really well.