Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy making Postcards

Playing with the fancy stitches on my machine.

Still making Flood Art - lots of damaged photos to go. 
Used Minke fabric on the bottom - it is so so soft.

Simple crazy patch with flannel fabric & a couple of cottons.  Really enjoyed playing & putting these Postcards together. One is going to California & others will head out to other points of the compass. Nearly up to 200 in the MailArt 365 project - I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Retreat - a couple of weekends ago

This looked so good all set out on the floor - then I started sewing - WELL!  it didn't behave - of course, nothing whatsoever to do with the person operating the machinery!  After a day of trying - it was sent to the naughty corner & had to stay there for the entire retreat.  I will be doing some reverse sewing & starting over & hopefully it will behave itself next time.

Some years a go, one of my groups, Inner City Circle, did a shirbori workshop with our friend, Elaine - they have been maturing in a box along with some indigo pieces from Germany.  I played around with a few pieces & this is the design I came up with - wonder if it will stay this way & change as it further matures in another box.

Margaret & Ali toasting another great weekend - don't you love the fact that Margaret wears her gloves to drink wine. It was a wonderful weekend with friends - sewing, laughing, eating & drinking the odd drop or three - doing it all again with another group later in the year.


Just to let you know that I have been sewing - Above is a peek at a challenge I'm working on for one of my groups, Purple Paddo Patchers (Triple P).  The theme for the challenge is 'Glad Rags' - the exhibition will be on in October - so will let you know when it gets a little closer.

This quilt is being hand quilted with coloured sashiko thread. I'm glad this is a cold winter (for us Queenslanders, it's cold!!!) because it's keeping me warm as I quilt.  It's the wedding quilt for my youngest son & his fiancee - have to had it finished by June next year.  If it's along cold winter, I should get there.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cranberry Island Mail Art

A call was put out by Rebecca for Island themed Mail Art to go to Cranberry Isalnd, Maine for an exhibition.  This is one of my pieces (another is in the making). The mailart is being posted on

Monday, June 4, 2012

St Lucia & Buderim

The weekend before last, we ended up at St Lucia Golf Club for lunch.  Our neighbours in the tree were not concerned with the noise.
The view from our table - HofM would be able to tell you exactly which hole this was!  I actually don't care!

The area is outdoors & quite nicely decorated.

As well as visiting Cathy's Studio last weekend, we visited "Belle Rive" - a property that has an outstanding garden full of colour & bromeliads.  The bougainvillea was stunning.

Just one of the thousands of broms!  This garden will be open under Open Gardens Australia from Friday, 10th - Sunday, 12th August, 2012.  Well worth a visit.

More fun with paint.

Last weekend - in spite of the rain we headed to Buderim & Landsborough on the Sunshine Coast.  The afternoon was spent in Cathy's studio  and this is what we produced.  Cathy provided the background fabric, already dyed & we supplied the over-printing & painting.  Mine is above & we are now supposed to turn them into something!!!!!
This is Cathy's - she was talking about over-dyeing - looking forward to seeing that.

Sandra was so gleeful at turning out this underwater scene!