Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Retreat - a couple of weekends ago

This looked so good all set out on the floor - then I started sewing - WELL!  it didn't behave - of course, nothing whatsoever to do with the person operating the machinery!  After a day of trying - it was sent to the naughty corner & had to stay there for the entire retreat.  I will be doing some reverse sewing & starting over & hopefully it will behave itself next time.

Some years a go, one of my groups, Inner City Circle, did a shirbori workshop with our friend, Elaine - they have been maturing in a box along with some indigo pieces from Germany.  I played around with a few pieces & this is the design I came up with - wonder if it will stay this way & change as it further matures in another box.

Margaret & Ali toasting another great weekend - don't you love the fact that Margaret wears her gloves to drink wine. It was a wonderful weekend with friends - sewing, laughing, eating & drinking the odd drop or three - doing it all again with another group later in the year.

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  1. Did look like a great weekend - will miss you at the next one :(