Monday, October 31, 2011

Something is really wrong!

 Something went wrong on the weekend, I started cleaning & throwing out - help! what does one do with all those trophies HofM has won over the years.  We (yes, WE) decided to keep the current decade's trophies & consign the others to rubbish.  I'll probably put them out on the kerb to see if anyone thinks they are treasure & takes them.  Don't laugh - it worked with the old port pottery jugs I put out - 5 of them disappeared.
This is for everyone who thought I wasn't a sportswoman!!!!  See, in 1980 I scored my highest tenpin bowling score of 203 - am keeping this one to brag about my sporting prowess. This was before my knee went. This memory will go along with my highest sporting achievement in High School - reserve on the D team for basketball (a game played by ladies in the 1960's - now adapted & called netball!).  This game was played on a grass court, outside - mind, I don't think I ever actually played a game.......................

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