Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kantha Workshop

Spent Saturday & Sunday doing a workshop in Kantha stitching with Carolyn Sullivan who was brought to Brisbane by ATASDA Qld.www.atasda.org.au/qld.htm We were shown the way a simple running stitch can transform a piece of cloth into a work of art, using different threads (colour & weight of thread). 
These are a few of Carolyn's samples - the one above shows different colours of thread and combination of stitches to create designs.

The ripple effect, created by the running stitches, gives an added texture to the background.

We were also given a glimpse into stamping, painting and design.  It was a delighful workshop which has further filled my head with ideas for new pieces.  Now I just have to find those extra hours in the day we all crave.
We also did some fabric painting - something I've not done a lot of & am a bit hesitant about.  I think my main concern is that, with the use of paints, unlike sewing, you actually have to do some cleaning up once you have finished - you know clean brushes, sponges etc. Sewing - you turn off the machine & walk away!

We also stamped leaves - I have some shirbori pieces I did years ago with a member of our Cottage Group, Inner City Circle, & that fabric has been maturing in a box.  Think it is about time they surfaced & became something.  It maybe a few months before I get back to this.  Where's my stitching you ask - will take a photo when I have finished a couple of samples.  Promise!

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  1. Chris - that looks great! They look like the sorts of things you'd knock over in a few hours??? Simple yet so effective.