Monday, April 22, 2013

Something different.....

I spent Saturday morning inside St John'sCathedral, Brisbane, taking a pipe organ workshop. This organ has over 4,000 pipes - it's amazing to see where & how they all fit.

We got to play the organ (no, these aren't my arms!!!!) - just a little daunting with some very accomplished musicians in the group - I did play & was told my technique was good.

The view from the sanctuary  - it's quite high up & you have to walk up a very narrow spiral stone staircase (forgot to take a photo of that)

For those of you who haven't been inside St John's - every pew has needlepoint cushions, birds, fish, flowers - a huge variety & they are all so very beautiful.  You can find textile art anyway - just look.

Each cushion has the name of a parish worked into the edge - if you get the chance - take a peek inside the cathedral one day - they also have gift shop (sadly I did not have time to visit it!)

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