Monday, August 3, 2015

We went to the zoo, zoo, zoo.....

This set of stairs was the shortcut to the MRT station - needless to say we only went down & took the longer way home each day.  We're back home now - but I've still got a couple of photos to show you.

The polar bear was entertaining to sit & watch - it was also nice & cool.

Gibbons have free range up in the trees & bits of wire around the trees stop them coming down to the ground except within their enclosure.  They were great to watch.  There are 3 hanging around & sharing a bunch of leaves.

Meerkats - didn't realise they are some small - they're much bigger in the ads!!!  All the rest of the family were resting from the heat but this little one was on sentry duty!  

The elephants aren't quite as nimble as the gibbons but we loved watching them.

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