Friday, August 4, 2017

Moving house Queensland style

 This morning, the house had been jacked up & was resting.
 During the day, would you believe a backhoe was used to push the house back 2 meters.
There's now a 2 meter gap between the front steps & the verandah.


  1. So is this your house? A neighbour?

    When my sister and her husband lived in Qld, they picked their house up and turned it 90 degrees on the block. It sounded crazy to everyone down here, but I guess it is just a Queensland thing.

  2. It's next door's house. We move them, 'cause we can do that with wooden houses on stumps! After the 2011 flood around 6 houses near us were raised over 2 meters - they're not proper Qlders any more!