Thursday, September 29, 2011

Looks Serious!!!!

It"s HofM but he is fine!  Had a lovely day planned to take our US friends to the Sunshine Coast but he decided he needed some attention & developed some chest pains. Because he has had a heart attack (3 yrs ago), ambulance was called & he spent the day undergoing tests.  Heart is not causing the problems - they now think it is something called Murphy's Disease - something to do with referred pain.  They found a sore spot around/under/behind his kidneys & are doing more tests over the next day or so. I am not being heartless but I am still going on my Quilt Retreat this weekend - he told me to - unless they find something really untoward & of course, I'll stay by his side!  Aren't I good!!!!!

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  1. I've FINALLY caught up with my blog reading - ai, ai, ai!!! Sorry to see Mr Auchenflower to Wherever in hospital. Good to know he's been looked after, and that you looked after yourself and had a weekend away. So good to see you - and best wishes to the Mr...hope all continues to be well.