Friday, April 27, 2012

Bundles of...

Not quite sure how I landed in this project. Visiting my friends who make up a group of textiles artists called "Broadstrokes" - for lunch & to say Farewell to Kate who was going OS - then Tricia Smout arrived to talk about her Artist in Residence stint at the Mt Coot-tha Bontanical Gardens Next thing I know, this group of six 'friends' have roped in their 3 guests & we are taking part in this collaborative work with Tricia.  We each make 3 bundles - one to hang in the Gardens, one in our own garden & one to be buried.
Mine has tea-tree bark, onion skins, newspaper, a couple of different fabrics, lace & crepe paper wrapped up with beetroot-dyed calico.

I have tied mine into a bundle - others have loosely tied theirs together.  Not sure if mine is too tight to allow any disintergration - time will tell .

Hanging in our garden - next to the Cycad that has seven new fronds - it looks magnificient.

Buried in a 'garden' under where HofM feeds the lorikeets. In a few few weeks the hanging ones will be displayed at an exhibition at the Botanical Gardens (Richard Randall Studio 21st - 29th June) & around October the 3 bundles will be opened so we can make a piece for the final exhibition with Tricia in November (Richard Randal Studio 6th - 14th November).  The Richard Randall Studio is within the grounds of the Botanical Gardens.  Don't quite know where this journey will lead!

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