Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weekend Away

 Took HofM away for a mystery weekend - we flew to Cairns.  Well, the sun didn't really shine on our weekend but we did make the best of it. Above - a shot of the Esplanade - then it showered - see below.

 HofM always assures me it does not rain on Golf Courses & it didn't for the 4 hours I drove the buggy.
Saw some great sights - this sign, on the side of the fairway, tickled our fancy - we didn't attempt to retrieve any golf balls in this area.

Golf courses are really pretty places - this is a pod of some sort.  It was leaves that appeared to have been glued together & it was hollow - obviously whoever lived there had departed.  Perhaps someone might know what creature used this as its home.  It guess it was in the tree before it was on the ground.

Golf was finished off with a beer, martini & food in Cairns at the Crown Hotel & watching the rain come down.  It was a restful couple of days.

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