Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Magic Carpet arrived

This fantastic piece of Mail Art arrived yesterday from Rebecca Cook http://bellesouth-rebecca.blogspot.com/ & I haven't stopped looking at it & touching it & wondering just how she accomplished it all. The photo above is with the flash on - it's not quite as brown as this.

Without the flash - the lines on it are metallic & glisten & it's not quite this yellowy.

Close up without flash - the buttons were attached securely & it made it safely without an envelope from the States.  Rebecca used an old milk carton for the base of this piece.

On the addressee side, the eyelashes are the ties from the buttons - it's a really great piece of Mail Art - you might have guessed - I love it!


  1. Always inspired by the things you make - and receive in return - these are beautiful - as always. :)

  2. So glad you like it and it made it safely!!! I always enjoy yours as well - you are a gifted artist!!! :)