Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bus trip to Wynnum

On Tuesday, a few ladies from my church went on a bus trip to Wynnum - our first stop was an historic church at Tingalpa (a suburb of Brisbane), It was de-commissioned in 1996, fully restored now & used for weddings, baptisms etc.  There are about 30 graves of pioneers of the area.

It was a really lovely stop & one that is worth a second visit to learn more about the history of the area. A note for Brisbane readers, Des Porter's family is buried here. (He was the gentleman who lost his life in the aeroplane crash in the Sunshine HInterland)   We also drove around Minnipi Parklands - once known as Porters' Paddock.  His father flew his De Haviland from the airstrip where they fly model planes now and died in a plane crash in this area.  It was a bit goose-bumpy hearing all these connections during our drive.  Our driver has known Des Porter for over 30 years.

The walkway at Wynnum (sorry the tide was out!) - we had lunch at the park - it was a lovely day out.

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