Monday, October 22, 2012

Queensland Quilters Annual Show

Our State Guild - Queensland Quilters or 2Q held its annual Quilt Show last week.   The winners are posted on their web site so I have posted some other quilts - not necessarily winners.  This was one of mine and below is another - my kitchen chooks provided a few laughs.

They are chooks with attitude!

One of my friends, Jane won a couple of ribbons!!!  Congratulations, Jane!
Another friend, Jane (different Jane) displayed Quilt Tarts - hand pieced and machine quilted.  I'm doing this pattern too batiks on black - it'll be finished one year - definitely NOT next year.

The arty side of 2Q - 2QAQ (Queensland Quilters Art Quilters) displayed a number of challenges we had completed over the year and a few of the girls shared their knowledge & expertise with members of the public.  Above is the portrait challenge we did earlier in the year.  It is so much fun channeling your inner child and just playing.

Love shibori!

Another friend, Suzanne, entered this in the Art section & while I was doing white glove duty (keeping the hordes from touching the quilts with any part of their body!) I heard lots of great comments about it.  She used a black netting to join it it and the 'frame' was fabric over foam.  It is a very tactile piece.

There was also a display of red and white quilts from a city in north-west Queensland, Mt Isa.  It was a stunning display.  There were over 500 quilts were on display - the biggest number the Guild has ever managed to have on show - wonder how many we'll be able to get togther for 2013.  Congratulations to all the winners and those who supported 2Q in displaying their quilts and also attending the show.

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  1. You're so generous. You make this art quilter feel special.