Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Break-ups

It's that time of year - Christmas break-ups!! For my OS readers - here in Australia it is now summer & most everything stops for a month or so - all groups that meet monthly will not meet over either December or January depending on what week meetings are held.  So - tradition demands that we have our break-ups - golf (HofM) at a Thai restaurant on Thursday night, Inner City Circle Quilt Group on Saturday breakfast at the Red Hen and yesterday (Sunday) brunch/morning tea for Purple Paddo Patchers at Forget-me-Not Tearooms.  This was my dessert - delightful mornings (both of them) with all my good friends.  Merry Christmas, everyone (there, I've said, ONCE!)

Suzanne showed us the Hawaiian quilt she has been making for a niece - it's a Christmas present so it has to be kept under wraps - this will be the lable.  It's hand appliqued & hand quilted - defintiely a labour of love. I think Suzanne will heave a sigh of relief once it's handed over.  The other niece has not been forgotten, she's getting a beaut hexagon quilt (large hexagond in purples) - again all hand work! You'll have to believe me when I say they are beautiful.

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  1. That dessert looks so good....I hope you enjoyed it........I'm looking forward to seeing a photo of the front of the quilt if that is what has been made for the label.......nice to hear from you Chris.....Cathy