Monday, December 24, 2012

In Sydney

We left Brisbane on Saturday morning & had an uneventful drive as far as Gloucester, New South Wales - it's a lovely drive down Thunderbolt's Way from Uralla on the New England Highway. Nothing much at Gloucester - an evening meal at the Roundabout Inn but it wasn't as good as we remembered last time we visited.  On Sunday morning through Dungog, Paterson, Maitland & on to Sydney arriving at our neices just after lunch.  My laptap does not want to recognize my bit thinggy from the camera & so can't download photos - will try to recitify that today - if not - will sort it when we get home.  Technology!!!!! It can be very frustrating.
 Hope everyone is having a pleasant Christmas break - I am sitting on the deck at my nieces, all is quiet - HofM has gone to golf with nephew - niece is as work, great-niece is still sleeping - the birds are noisy & the river is also quiet.  They have a magnificient view - photos to follow!


  1. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your break travels

  2. Sounds just lovely! Enjoy.