Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Australian Maritime Museum

A couple of days in Sydney & we visited this museum - so much to see that we didn't have enough time to get inside the museum itself but managed to visit 3 ships.

And you thought they had it tough on sailing ships - a fireplace, patchwork quilts - we won't mention the very cramped sleeping quarters for the sailors or having to bend in half to get to the officer's quarters or the fact, that I think most sailors were 4 feet nothing to be able to sleep in the beds!  It was all an eye opener.

Old & new - views of the city through the ropes.

We were privileged to witness the Pyrmont bridge swinging open to let someone's very big boat go through.  Doesn't happen very often, apparently.

Checked out the replica of the 'Endeavour' - (for my OS readers, Captain Cook's ship when he discovered the Australian coast) - this piece of lead is an actual piece of ballast from the original 'Endeavour'

The crows nest on the 'Endeavour'.

Then we went in to a submarine 'HMAS Ounslow' - it went out of service in 1999 after 30 years - boy, of boy, talk about cramped quarters - those guys did not paid enough at all! Some slept with controls at their heads - again I think they were all only allowed to be 4' or maybe 5' at a stretch.

Patchwork is never far from my thoughts - tiles in the loos under the Pyrmont Bridge.

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