Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rain rain go away

I am so tired of all the rain (flashbacks to 2011) - however, it does mean that I can do some playing - guilt free - this one is a paper & fabric collage & then I machine stitched around the edges. I've also sent some time doing paper collage mailart.

It's on white card, circles came from Mim in USA & I have loads left. My mail art can be viewed on the Mail Art 365  -when you get there go to the bar on RHS & find BrisChris & click on that & my art will pop into view,  I'm up to No: 244 of 365 - nearly 2 years on from when I started - am still determined to get to 365.  Truly admire those who accomplished it in 12 months & some of the participants are on their 3rd go round. Think they're a bit obsessive - Mim!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. ha ha ha Obsessive? Who, me? ha ha ha I'm so happy to see the circles. You have a different way with them and it's fun to see that. I think I've picked up being daily about my Mail Art because of my son. His book is "365 Make Something Everyday and Change Your Life" by Noah Scalin. Not that he checks up on me, but I feel that I can't not do it because he does it. Does that make sense? Obsessive? hmmm, I guess we are. hugs from chilly Richmond, VA and thanks for the shout out.