Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quilt for our Show

Inner City Circle will be holding their biennial show -  "Quilts & Textile Temptations" - at Milton State School on Saturday, 31st August from 10.00am - 3.00pm.  A challenge was issued to make 2 x A3 quilts using any 2 of these 3 themes - Shapes, Seasons or Favourites.  Above is my take on  Shapes.

This one is Seasons - my interpretation of Summer & Sunflowers. 
Members from Purple Paddo Patchers & Inner City Circle have been making a sampler quilt under my 'instruction' .  I did not like the blocks I had made - thought the fabric was so dull but it's ended up being quite a sweet quilt & I'm now happy with it. My bit of wisdom for the year/decade/century - Quilts can be a bit like children - they grow into what they should be & are often quite a nice surprise for all.


  1. Funny how what can be thought of as underwhelming to start with ends up being impressive ... love these and especially your shapes!

  2. I like your challenge entries. Good luck for your show!