Sunday, July 14, 2013

Im baaack.................

My little car was feeling the cold at Mudgee - one stopover on the way south to Ballarat in Victoria.
I stopped at Carcoar in New South Wales on the way down - advertised as the town time forgot.

Caught up with friend, Teresa, for lunch in Ballarat - we had a great chat

Ballarat Grammar School - it's back to boarding school for me for the week - all a bit different to when I was at boarding school in the 1960's.  They had heating in the dorms & classrooms ( I was really thankful for that!!!) but no heating in the dining room.
Seeeeeeee - it was really cold!!!!!!

We had frost on a few mornings - that was cold for a Queenslander like me!

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  1. Ballarat was enough of a cold shock for me!

    Glad to see you have made it home safely.