Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in our Home

Didn't put up the tree this year (again) but do put out my Santa collection (see post from December last year) and I have this lovely angel from Germany and the Quilt Shop bought in Sydney a few years ago. The spirit was there this year - the sons and partners came for lunch & we had a wonderful time. Christmas felt good this year from the Christmas Eve service at my church - lots of carols, beautiful choir & the Christmas readings, Christmas morning service - more carols, choir, friends & lunch with family followed by a nap to restore us - perfect!

Cacti Flower in Bloom

Quite a spectacular flower!  OK - how many of you are laughing???  Christmas Day - one son said "What's that smell?"  We were going to have lunch on the back deck but they assured me there was a disgusting smell (I have no sense of smell - another story).  Yep -  this flower sends off an odour - definitely not a perfume - of rotten meat to attract flies (its food).  Needless to say, the pot got moved to right down the back yard to a safe distance.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Not much Progress

Not much progress with the flower but...........

the Mock Orange is in full bloom - does that mean more rain??????


Needed to get out of town - took a drive through Samford to Dayboro - had lunch at the pub & felt a bit better by the time we got back. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Watching this Plant.

This cactussy looking plant has given birth to this flower bud - we only noticed it this morning. Will log its progress daily.  Can anyone help me with the name of the plant?  A friend gave us a couple of pieces -HofM planted a piece into 2 pots, naturally one is doing better than the other & they are only a meter apart!

Playing with new Camera

Thank you, everyone, for your kind thoughts - starting to feel better - new camera, new purse, licence replaced (but I have to wait 2 weeks - new type of licence with microchip!)  Credit cards should be arriving today or tomorrow  - really hope so - HofM is not handling not having a credit card well - see, one has to spend one's cash then!

This camera has a sketch mode - will be really interesting to use for quilt designs. For overseas friends, these seed pods are from a flame tree.  It looses its leaves in summer & produces masses of red/orange flowers that, from a distance & in the bush, give the impressions of flames - hence the name.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Photos!

Some 'nice' person/s must be in real need ......................they climbed in through our bedroom window & stole my handbag.  We were watching TV at the back of the house, the front door was open & I can see the front steps from where I sit! We didn't hear a thing!  Police called by - the buggers had broken in to a house around the corner, opened Christmas presents under their tree & stolen their BMW!  The owners were out - bet they wished they'd taken the BMW.  Needless to say, am going through the replacing of credit cards, debit card, driver's license, etc etc etc.  Now need a new camera & new purse/wallet.  Don't think we really needed this at the end of the year but at least it was only the handbag & nothing else. Hope we can get everything straight before Christmas. 

AND NOW.................................Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Real Wall

Thought you might like to see where & how I display my MailArt - we rescued various drawers & wooden boxes from our flood 'rubbish' and HofM screwed them to the wall (under instruction of course).  My MailArt is displayed for a time & then placed into this special photo album for keeps.


These two pieces have been machine stitched to embellish the design on the material - nice & easy but fun to do.

More Mail Art

Received these two from Mary in Kentucky http:/ - she also participated in the Mailart 365 project & got there!!  I've only got just a little of 200 to go!