Thursday, November 29, 2012

Backyard Update

This large bromeliad has sent up a shoot from the middle - we think it's a flower - just have to wait & see.

One mango hanging on & getting bigger - there are a few more on the tree. HofM grew this from a seed - hope it tastes alright when we harvest it. 

We now have a pan piper in the yard.

Something flowering - sorry am not good with names of flora!  It's pinky/purple & looks pretty!

Quilting Update

Mum's portrait is finished - very happy with my first attempt at realistic portraiture - hope Mum will like it too.

Three little quilts finished - machine pieced, machine quilted - these will go to a couple of babies and one little girl.  The top one was a number of orphan blocks that ended up looking great with the lime green.  It's funny that as you work, you make choices & are usually quite happy with those choices, then once the quilt is finished (just labels to go), you think of a better way of doing something or a better design - hindsight - such a wonderful thing!
The middle one was started by my niece (now 16) about 6/7 years ago - I decided to finish it off - used charm squares for most of it.  The bottom one was also made from charm squares - all fabric used in the three was from my stash. No, can't see any difference in the amount of fabric I have.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Storm in Auchenflower

Neighbour's son leaning on their tree ready for work?? Or maybe not!

This is the tree - the storm uprooted it entirely.

Fortunately it missed the house - little bit of damage on the gutter - even missed the clothes line.
Haig Road - power lines down - no driving down there for a little while. Our German guests are really impressed with the lengths we will go to to provide entertainment for them.  They had never experienced a storm like this one....

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quilt @ the Winter School

Fibre Arts Australia is holding Quilt @the Winter School with a number of national & international tutors.  Check out what classes are on offer at  & then enrol!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Retreats - what a weekend!

Ten lucky ladies spent the weekend at Staceys', The Gap - sewing, laughing (lots of that!), a few drinks, delicious food - a wonderful way to spend the weekend. 

Jen found a nice spot to finish off the binding of her daughter's quilt.   
Here's the quilt - for Ruby's 21st birthday - minke fabric & cotton fabric reminiscent of her time in Africa.  Yes, it has a fringe!

Hilary has been working on this - all foundation pieced - quite an amazing quilt.

Margaret has designed this one - the Celtic work is a wonder to behold. Drunkards' path on one border and there are 2 more borders to come - she is using the quilt as you go method.   This is only a taste of the work done all weekend - such talented ladies and they made my weekend. 

Who loves Elvis!

A piece of Elvis fabric that has been manipulated with pleats (bit hard to see)

Fabric that has a shibori look about it - further enhanced with stitching & fabric.

Still doing FloodArt - collaged & stitched. Do love making postcards whether with fabric or paper or FloodArt.

It's official!

Received this piece of Mail Art from the USA -

This is one side &

This is the other side - maybe I'll put it on the fridge & make sure I repeat this to myself each day!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mail Art

A promotional card altered for a birthday boy.

Photos transferred on to fabric & collaged to make a birthday card for a friend.

We have become hosts on Airbnb & I make these postcards as a momento of our guests' stay with us.  This is affordable accommodation available all over the world & we'll be checking out a few places when next we travel.

Fabric Portrait

For a first attempt at a realistic portrait - it's not too bad - only practise will help with shading.

Thread painting has started - don't think I will do much on the face - the teeth have to be stitched - hope she doesn't end up looking like Dracula or something!!!

Have started stitching the hair - that will be thread painted more than the face, I think. Don't forget to check out Quilt University - there are such a variety of classes available.