Wednesday, March 28, 2018


 I've had a few finishes so far this year but can only show these.  Qld Quilters had their Challenge (tick - finished & handed in - results will be known early May); also for Qld Quilters - I entered 2 quilts into this year's State of the Art (SOTA) exhibition & was fortunate enough to be juried in to this year's exhibition.  Again, can't show, as there is now a judging to be done in June.
However, the above is for another challenge (sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all that I enter!) - Qld Quilters Art Quilt group (2QAQ) has a challenge - home - it can be anything, 3D, canvas, mixed media, quilt  - we're not limited & so I finished the piece I started in a Ro Bruhn workshop in Adelaide last year - put it over canvas & just have to add the cord to be able to hang it. Just happy it's finished!!!!
2QAQ sold 30 blank canvases to 2Q members & asked that they put something on it to sell in Galleries where SOTA is exhibited - funds go towards SOTA expenses.  This is my offering & will be seen at Boonah Regional Art Gallery in June this year along with other canvases and the SOTA exhibition of 34 pieces.  We hope people will be enthused to buy these reasonably priced art works.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Golf Quilt

Made for HofM's 60th birthday, some 17 years ago.  Adapted the pattern from Plus 4's for the pants to shorts and a short-sleeved t-shirt and a hat instead of a cap.  Even though I worked on this whilst watching TV next to him- he never looked closely enough to check out what I was actually doing.  He was surprised.  After losing my quilt journals in the 2011 Flood, I'm trying to photograph my quilts to put them into new journals - keep finding ones I haven't yet recorded.  It's so nice to have that record to remind you of the work you've achieved over the years.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

A couple more for new babies.

 Made for a friend's granddaughter, Evie - Grandmother did the buttonhole applique after I fused the pieces & then I finished it with machine & hand quilting.  Pattern from a Quiltmania magazine Chrildren's edition.
 Same friend, another grand-daughter from youngest son - Felicity's Playground - again grandmother did the button hole applique  - another pattern from a Quiltmania magazine.

Used old doilies for the labels - really happy with both quilts.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Baa Baa Blue Sheep

 There's a story to this quilt - the fabric was bought over 30 years ago with the intention of making a quilt for the new baby.  Mum got as far as hand piecing the centre block.  It was put in the cupboard with the intention of one day finishing it.  That little baby has now had a baby of her own and the now grand-mother has poor eyesight & asked if I could finish the quilt.  How can you say 'No!'. The great-grandmother of this new little baby is in the same Aged Care Facility as my parents & they've known each other for over 60 years.  I went to High School with the great-aunt of the baby - so, of course, I had to finish the quilt.  I'm quite happy with the result.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Walk along Scarborough Foreshore

 Grumps found a Fairy door!
Checking to see if there's any damage after a little tumble.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Postcard Swap

 Theme for January was "Up the Garden Path" - mine turned in to a yellow brick road.
February's theme - "Wish upon a Star" - lots of stars to wish upon & one other star.  After 2 years, I said 'Good-bye'  to this swap for a while - other things to concentrate on & get finished.  It's been fun.