Sunday, February 4, 2018

Lovely sunset

 Sometimes you can be lucky  HofM took this from across the road.
Taken from the back deck - not quite as stunning but a lovely glow lit the sky and surrounds.

Talking techniques

Nothing like sitting on the floor of a gallery & talking about techniques with like-minded people.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Last showing for SOTA17 exhibition

 Entry of Dogwood Crossing Gallery at Miles, Western Downs, Queensland.
 The entry has a curved wall which showcased works of quilters from the Western Downs.
 Just in case someone might be going through Miles during these weeks.
 The launch was today & well received by those who attended.
 We had lots of help with hanging of the exhibition and we were very pleased with the display.
We took some quilts out that could be handled - a small trunk show.  They had to come home with us as there was no way to keep them secure during the exhibition.  They were a hit - visitors asked lots of questions and loved being able to touch the quilts.