Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our week on a Narrow Boat

Back to England & our week on the canals south of Birmingham. Looking out to the front of the boat. We had two double beds, two loos, one bathroom, kitchen & dining room.  A narrow walkway meant only one at a time could walk along inside.  Not much room for dancing!

One of the tunnels  & an approaching boat.

One of the many locks we mastered.

Fireworks - just for us on the River Severn at Worcester.

Saw a number of swan families.  One family had 5 cygnets and one of those babies was adopted by the parents - a rare thing. We gained a lot of information about swans from a volunteer who tags them in Worcestershire.  There are only two volunteers & they also go into adjoining counties. Guess it keeps them busy on weekends and afternoons and evenings!

A series of five step locks we had to negotiate - became quite expert at it all.  This is just a glimpse into our very pleasant week on a narrow boat.  Another thing off the bucket list.

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