Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Received Mail Art

When you go on holidays, you always have a lot of mail to go through on your return - the usual bills & junk mail - but I was fortunate to receive some lovely Mail Art while I was away. Love this one from Sue aka Pretty Lily - a reconstructed piece.

This interesting piece came from Superhero.

The front & back of a card from Lindsay of Canada.  The lady in black reminds me of Liza Minelli - don't know why.

Loved this piece from erika g. Oakland, Ca.

JJalltheway took out time in her travels to do MailArt - that is dedication.  This one is from Vietnam.

Another lovely one from Lindsay of Lake Fletcher, Canada.

Monster playing cards made this MailArt from Mandy of Duxbury, Ma - looking forward to getting back into doing some MailArt incorporating the tickets & other ephemera I collected during our trip. Thank you everyone for your lovely art work.


  1. Welcome home you! You must have had LOADS of post waiting for you right? :-)

  2. It was certainly better than the bills that were there as well.