Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Received Mail Art

When you go on holidays, you always have a lot of mail to go through on your return - the usual bills & junk mail - but I was fortunate to receive some lovely Mail Art while I was away. Love this one from Sue aka Pretty Lily - a reconstructed piece.

This interesting piece came from Superhero.

The front & back of a card from Lindsay of Canada.  The lady in black reminds me of Liza Minelli - don't know why.

Loved this piece from erika g. Oakland, Ca.

JJalltheway took out time in her travels to do MailArt - that is dedication.  This one is from Vietnam.

Another lovely one from Lindsay of Lake Fletcher, Canada.

Monster playing cards made this MailArt from Mandy of Duxbury, Ma - looking forward to getting back into doing some MailArt incorporating the tickets & other ephemera I collected during our trip. Thank you everyone for your lovely art work.

Inner City Circle Quilt Show

It became a very wet day for our Quilt Show but it did not deter our visitors. 

Our outdoor covered area for the quilt display - it would have looked really lovely on a sunny day. Thank you to all our friends, family and visitors who braved the weather to support our group.  We made over $2000.00 for Karuna Hospice, our charity.  This charity support families & patients with paliative care.

"Kitchen Chooks" - one of my quilts - loved the look of these chooks. For my overseas readers who don't know this fact, Aussies call chickens - chooks! Not sure why - maybe it's close to the sound they make  - who knows.

"Gingham Petals" - another of mine - hand applique petals and centre, machine pieced and hand quilted with black perle cotton in big stitches.  I was very pleased with the way it turned out.  I forgot to get permission from the other girls, so, until I do, I can't show you any other quilts.  I will correct that over the next day or so.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Inner City Cirle Quilt Show

An invitation to all my readers in Brisbane to the Inner City Circle Quilt Show on Saturday, 27th August from 10.00am at Milton State School, Bayswater Road, Milton. Proceeds go to Karuna Hospice - plenty of parking in Bayswater Road & Haig Road - I'll be back from OS in time for this - couldn't ever miss it.  Hope to see some of you there - if you can't make it, I'll post photos next week.

Few more quilts from Birmingham

This was achieved through stitching - large stitches & it looked like perle cotton.

So the show ended - for me anyway!

More from Birmingham

Not one face is duplicated - all are half faces - we checked! Sorry it's out of focus.

There seemed to be quite a few of this type of quilt - sometimes done by a group - others by individuals.

If my memory serves me correctly - this was best of show - stunning.

Characters I saw at the Birmingham Quitl Show

We thought this may have been an Aussie quilt - certainly had that feel about it. It's hanging the quilts & the name on the pub is the Woolshed Hotel - I reckon it certainly looks like an outback pub.  The catalogue didn't even have it listed so couldn't find out anything about it.  The quilts only have a number, name of the quilt and the category they are entered in. For those of you who may not know it, you can double click on a photo & check out the detail of the quilt.

Detail of one of the catergory winners - it was stunning.

One part of a tryp tych (I know I haven't spelt that correctly) on Frank Sinatra - "My Way"

This was achieved using hexagons - around 1/4" - absolutely amazing.

This was entered in the special challenge - "Festival" - these ladies were enjoying a street parade - just thought they were gorgeous - loved the rollers in their hair & the fags in their hands.

Someone I knew - Felicity's quilt - all the way from Oz. The art quilt category seemed to be one of the biggest - you really need 2 or 3 days to look properly.  We had four hours but were pleased with what we saw & who knows maybe one day we'll get back - one can dream.

Our week on a Narrow Boat

Back to England & our week on the canals south of Birmingham. Looking out to the front of the boat. We had two double beds, two loos, one bathroom, kitchen & dining room.  A narrow walkway meant only one at a time could walk along inside.  Not much room for dancing!

One of the tunnels  & an approaching boat.

One of the many locks we mastered.

Fireworks - just for us on the River Severn at Worcester.

Saw a number of swan families.  One family had 5 cygnets and one of those babies was adopted by the parents - a rare thing. We gained a lot of information about swans from a volunteer who tags them in Worcestershire.  There are only two volunteers & they also go into adjoining counties. Guess it keeps them busy on weekends and afternoons and evenings!

A series of five step locks we had to negotiate - became quite expert at it all.  This is just a glimpse into our very pleasant week on a narrow boat.  Another thing off the bucket list.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our new home!!???!

The entrance to the castle  (looking out to the village) - we have both decided we could live here.

The outside courtyard with the private quarters overlooking it.

The inner courtyard - able to be guarded & ward off all enemies.

"I schpit on you English pigs!"  HofM got in Monty Python mode up in the turret.

View from the turret.  What do you think we should offer if it comes up for sale???  One does have to have dreams ------

Doors & hinges

They don't make doors like this anymore!

Nor hinges.

This door was on a Lutheran church in Althausen in the Rhine Valley. It wasn't the main door just a side door. The main door was not as attractive.

The door to the cellar on a restaurant - the date is 1578.  It was small.

Inspiration all around

Some images that may inspire me when I get home - all from Germany