Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bat Plant in Bloom

We have two of these Bat Plants that HofM has lovingly cared for - they are loving the rain.  This is the bud & the flower is just starting to appear.

She reveals her glory - it is an amazing flower!  Each of the middle bits will open & reveal stamens (I think that's what they are)  The whiskers feel glorious.

Each one of those acorn shaped buds will also open as another piece of the flowers & it's a wonderful deep purple/red/black! The colour of the photo is pretty true.  Such a complex flower.


  1. Hi Chris......the black bat flower/plant are such mysterious and beautiful........yours is loving where is it growing to have so many flowers.........

  2. What a truly magnificient flower

  3. We just have the one flower - we watch it every day but we do have another bud - it opens so slowly - it's certainly a treat to watch the progress.

  4. Amazing - how fascinating and spectacular

  5. Hi Chris,
    Guess what I have done two paintings of bat plants in the last 6 weeks. One is of a black one and one of a white one. My friends have just had both the black and white ones in flower. I will email you the images. I am having my own exhibition in 2014 and will be including them in that. I am fascinated by them and love your photos.
    Pam Finlay