Monday, March 12, 2012

Everyone needs Retreats

My 'friends' always have a go at me about accomplishing a lot of finished projects on retreat.  I copped it all again this time - comments about over achievers were flying around & I wasn't the only one to receive these 'barbs'!  The above item is a "Waiting Bag" made for littlies to fill with stuff they can play with while waiting...... Apparently these are kept in the car or Mum's bag & hauled out when needed.  I will be showing a group of young Mums how to fuse & then stitch (probably just a running stitch) the applique.  Worked out this prototype on the weekend. Owl is taken from a pattern "Hooterville" by Brandywine Designs.  He's so cute!

These two quilts were made from a Layer Cake (10" squares of a range of fabric).  Completed with large stippling but looked really ordinary - so I decided to add applique which will be blanket-stitched by hand  & then they'll go to a friend's little children.  Think the applique has really made them nice looking quilts.  Also managed to get binding on to 4 small quilts - give a 'tutorial' on 3 different ways to make Flying Geese.  Some of the girls are making a Sampler Quilt under my instruction (I too am making it as I have never made one)  It's an interesting exercise.
Retreats are a wonderful break shared with lovely friends & allow us to sew, drink, laugh (oh, the jokes & stories), eat and sew some more. If you've never been on one - try it - you'll be hooked.


  1. What a hoot those bags are......

  2. Love the new blog photo Chris of "her shed"

  3. I'm all for over achievers- go girl!!