Thursday, March 8, 2012


Congratulations to everyone who has been selected for this year's Show - I am sure it will be a wonderful showcase, AGAIN,  of our talented QueenslandQuilters' members.  Sadly, I & a few others will be getting counselling as we missed the cut. 
 I am forever amazed, delighted and inspired by the artists around me - those I follow on their blogs, my MailArt friends, my quilt groups - all wonderfully talented, supportive and  just plain fun to be around -I am so lucky.  Thank you for sharing your talents (whatever they may be) with me.  Wish I had a photo to go with this!!!!!!!
PS - A group of us are going on Retreat to Toowoomba this weekend - can't wait.


  1. Wish I was coming with you!!!! Is it too late??? LOL