Sunday, September 16, 2012

Aaaaaaah Retreats!

What a wonderful weekend away.  Six of us from Purple Paddo Patchers (PPP) Cottage Group travelled  to Highfields, just north of Toowomba,  for a weekend retreat.  It was freezing on Friday night, so a fire was called for. Glenys & Hilary gathered kindling & using their vast Girl Guide knowledge, lit the fire.

Yep - it's alight!

Success - we were lovely & warm in the sewing room thanks to the girls.

Aina & Suzanne toasted their success - they also found the wine helped their sewing skills! Jen & I took our sewing more seriously than these two........

Desert - nothing was missed, candles with dinner & wine, of course.

Sunday - time to head home, but we just had to make a stop at Precious Time in Toowoomba - the wisteria was beautiful and the extensive range of fabrics beckoned.  We did help the economy of the district - just a little.

Lunch was at Forest Hill in the Lockyer Valley - about an hour west of Brisbane.  This is the Lockyer Hotel in the main street.  The Forest Hill Post Office is also a cafe & lovely gift shop.  The food was just great and it was fitting way to end a wonderful weekend with special friends.

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  1. Sounds like a cheerful weekend, full of fun times and inspiration :))