Friday, September 28, 2012

Seen in Sunnybank

Visiting my parents in Sunnybank last weekend when HofM called out frantically - the magpies & noisy minors were going beserk trying to chase this python away.  It slithered across the road with the birds still chasing.

Thought it would go down the drain but it went for the safety of a neighbour's tree.  We think it was around 2 meters long - it didn't pay any attention to the paparazzi - it just wanted to get away. You can see the feet of the magpie at the top of the photo & it's shadow. Frist time I have seen a snake in suburban Brisbane - we don't get such things in Auchenflower!


  1. Hope it stays away from me in Sunnybank!

  2. It was along way from you & heading towards Old Beenleigh Road -thin you're safe!

  3. We have the occassional python at Mt Gravatt - we're near the bush but the birds certainly let us know when one is around. The cat did bring in a small tree snake a couple of years ago, so had to sweep it out quickly.