Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Like most quilters, I have a number of WIPs (Works in Progress) - this one was started from a set of charm squares - now waiting to be basted and then quilted. 
Sorry, about the quality of the photo - taken around midnight at the Retreat after working to get these three rows finished before the creative flow stopped completely.  Will probably add something between each row to make the quilt a little larger - thinking chequerboard using a combination of the fabrics already used - any thoughts????? 
A number of orphan blocks surfaced & I had been given this luverley lime green & it is just right - still playing a bit with the stripes but really happy with how it's turning out.  Binding - might go lime green or use the stripe - any opinions on that?


  1. The stripe would look great with the orphan blocks Chris. No ideas on the other one.

  2. Thanks Jan - I was leaning towards stripe too.