Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Retreats - Aaaaaaah!

Aaaah - the serenity!  The mist rolling in - but it wasn't cold - it was great at James Byrne Centre, Highfields (just north of Toowoomba)

This is a Catholic Conference Centre - was Jen seeking divine intervention or asking her muse for inspiration?

Aina finished this from go to whoa on the weekend - when they turned the lights out to go to bed on Friday night, they found that the orange in the middle of the quilt - glowed!!!!  This is for a baby - we're not quite sure what effect this will have - who knows, it might even be calming.  The find caused lots of laughter & we all witnessed it after dinner on Saturday night. Wonderful weekend with a great bunch of girls!


  1. Busy girl!! Love the glow in the dark baby quilt - hilarious!!

  2. sounds like you all had a great time......