Thursday, March 14, 2013

WIPs & Postcards

I worked so hard at the retreat - designed this one, cut it out & started appliqueing - it's only small - A3 - should be ready for Inner City Circle's Quilt & Textile Temptations Show on the last Saturday in August (just had to get a plug in) at Milton State School.

This is my attempt at a Row by Row for the Queensland Quilters night group.  Was not at all happy with what I had done - tea dyed it on the weekend (bit happier now), added the green borders (can almost live with it) - auditioning the rusty red border (what do you think?) - not sure if will deserve an outing in public at the Quilt Show in October - see how it turns out once quilted.

Love making fabric postcards -

Tried a new technique in a small scale -

Vleisflexed the elephant -

Jen donated a piece of white fabric so I could use the pink shape....

Tried a little bit of creative stitching using the fancy stitches on my machine - this was a great way to finish off the weekend.

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  1. I loved seeing them be created in real life.