Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Church Banners

These banners were made over a number of years - This one, "Give Thanks" made from a patter in 2002.  It had an outing a couple of weeks ago for our Thanksgiving service.

"Pentecost" was again made from a patter in 2002 - it's out in the church at the moment for the Sundays after Pentecost.

"Lent - Meditate" was made in 2004 for the season of Lent - must remember to hang it again next year.

"The Way" was also made in  2004 - there is a white donkey in the lower left hand corner - some of my 'friends' tried to tell me it was a kangaroo!!!!  This one is for Palm Sunday.  My own design.

"The Way" is rather a large quilt hanging in the church most of the time. My own design & from my stash as are all the quilts.  Made in 2004.

"He is Risen"  - the archway & bricks started in an Esterita Austin class many years ago.  I added the cross and machine quilted it in 2007.  It hangs at Easter.


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