Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Singapore - like home?

Arrived safely in Singapore, couldn't get in to our room so off we went - needed some cool drinks & saw this - had to try it.  Not at all what we would expect - it was a scambled egg wih tofu(?) or something soft fried up in a huge wok.  You could get it white or black - I think black was with soy or just cooked longer - white seemed the better option.
"Wow - man, cool!"  - on the outside of a club - not sure what type of club - looked dubious I thought - but I liked the artwork.

There was a Shoe exhbition - in the Victoria & Albert Mall - all the sneakers were decorated & displayed inside the perspex boxes.

This was a whole lot more appetising than it looks - Benito came in the laquered box - salmon, egg, onion and sushi rice with seaweed on top.  Also had a red bean drink with chocoloate -different!

People's Park - these are all homes - doesn't it look like it is balancing on top of another building? We are still wondering who services the air conditioners that hang outside the buildings.  HofM (husband of mine) is not lining up for the job.

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  1. Hope you're having a lovely holiday Chris. Food is certainly different.