Monday, June 27, 2011

More views of Kent

We visited a Battle of Brittain Memorial just outside Dover.  The wall behind the statue carries the names of the men that served & not all of them are named.  So many - it was quite an emotional site.

Wind was up - so of course, you go wind surfing!!

Deal celebrated Armed Forces Day with a service.  The mayor was decked out in all his ceremonial gear & the sea cadet's band played.

The vets stood proudly.

Hollyhocks are huge.

Queen Victoria may be long gone but this letter box still bears her name!

There was a heat wave yesterday - everyone was outside & we enjoyed lunch in the garden of this pub in a village of I think 4 houses.  It was delightful & the food was pretty good too.

Sandwich (yes, real name) is an historical village not far from Deal - Sunday afternoon, lots of people out walking & enjoying the sunshine but no shops open for the tourists.  Don't always get the English mind. The pubs are open - oooooooooh!

Another strange activity - the 'beach' is all pebbles here, someone was swimming (brrrrr!) & there were people enjoying the sun, their backs to the water in front of the windbreak, enjoying some take-away.  There were even people sun-baking, lying on the pebbles - oh well, each to their own - I certainly won't be joining them.

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