Friday, July 1, 2011

Images of Brugge

This is our apartment - "La Tour" - a view from the street.

Our courtyard - drinks every evening after a hard day of walking & exploring.

Not many people have a bathroom in their bedroom - we do!

So many beautiful houses, so little time & I can't believe the number of times I reach for my camera.  It is such a photogenic city.

Yes, The Belfry does have a list - leaning tower of Brugge????

Market Day - fruit, vegetables, meat, flowers, sights & smells that were just wonderful.

One of the ornate buildings on the Market Square.
A windmill museum - took lots of photos of the inside workings - maybe a quilt is on the way - it's in my head anyway.

At the entrance to the Lace Museum.

The grounds of the Lace Museum

A family of swans - Dad followed this group in to the water.

A trip on the canal gave a different perspective of the city.

Lace doilies in the window taken from the canal.

HofM learning how to make lace.

The bear - the symbol of Brugge - hoped you enjoyed these few photos of a truly lovely city.  Don't worry, I have lots more to show you all when we get home - aren't you lucky????

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  1. Yes, we are lucky to be travelling with you Chris! Beautiful city- I've not been there...yet.