Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beyond Prague

Visited Terezin - a 19th Century fortress that was used in WW2 to imprison Jews while they awaited transportation to concentration camps. So many died here - not necessarily through execution but through starvation & ill health.

There were three executions.

Our view from the restaurant in Petrovice - these stalls are eveywhere close to the German border & all seem to be manned by Asians - where else in the world can you get hub-caps & gnomes in the same place - OK - Bunnings!

This girl & a couple others were the parking attendants in Hluboka. They kept an eye on the main street & made sure you parked safely & took your parking money. They rode their bicycles up & down the street. We thought it was quite novel & much better than having to put your money into a machine. 

The Royal Castle at Hluboka - we did a tour with a guide - an 'English-speaking' guide.  It was her first tour & she did OK - our best 'misspeak' for the tour was that she told us this particular four-poster bed was much bigger than it looked - an 'optical inclusion'.  Loved it.

View from the long walk & steep hill up to the castle.  Why did all these kings & royal personages have to build on high hills?????

A sculpture in the town of Hluboka - it was outside a butchers so we think it was advertising white & black sausage!  Art is everywhere!

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