Sunday, July 24, 2011


Bautzen is a delighful village - this is what's left of a monastery - cemetries in Germany are very well kept with flowers & shrubs. 

One of the characters we met on our travels.

Such wonderful streets of cobblestones, old stone walls & old, old houses.

This tower is leaning - it's not too far from the Stadtmuseum where the original 1776 Quilt is housed.  Went through the museum in the hope of seeing the original quilt - the gentleman on the front counter didn't understand what I was on about - so I paid my money & went to look.  A couple of interesting textile pieces but no quilt.  On getting back to Dresden, got on the Internet to see what I could find out.  Friends of Pam Holland had been to the museum 2 weeks before us, they got to see the quilt before it was shipped off to an exhibition - we were not so lucky.  At least I was in the right place.

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