Saturday, July 2, 2011

Inspirational Images from Brugge

Bell pulls - I'm sure something quilty can be done with these.

This is a latch that holds the window shutter open - the little man's head flops down, the shutter goes on to the bar & you put the man's head upright & it is now holding the shutter open.

A decorative bar that helps hold all the bricks together.

Door bell.

These heads hold the railings on a fence along the canal in place.  These intrigued HofM.

Why would you just use plain ole teracotta pots?

The wooden cogs inside the ancient windmill - not a nail in sight.
The sails of the windmill

Another bell pull complete with bell.

Abstract in with the ancient.

 Just another leaning chimney.
An emblem that appears all over the city - usually down low near the footpath.  Don't you think lots of these images will translate in to a quilt or two. Hopefully I will be able to take the step from just dreaming to making those quilts a reality.

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