Sunday, July 24, 2011

Seiffen - home of Christmas.

OK - this one is nothing to do with Christmas.  This sign is left over from WW2 - it gives the directions to a "Luft Shelter" - an air raid shelter.  It was actually inside this house - no, we didn't ask to see it!

Here we are - Christmas - Seiffen is a village in the mountains on the border of the Czech Republic & they make these wood Christmas thinngys here.  There are Christmas decoration everywhere - every shop sells them & the factory is lovely to look through.  This is where Nutcrackers are made - the ones like Prussian soldiers.

I had Ronnefeldt tea here - this name is sooooo close to my maiden name, I am claiming it as our families! The tea was delicious too.

 Everywhere - or, rather here, - it is Christmas all year round.
Thanks for taking the time to read all these posts - can't manage it day by day as I thought I would - so do a marathon every week or so - you'll need this beer once you've got through this last lot.  HofM recommends this Weissebier!

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